Sponsorship to the Woking Community First Responders

Greenoak welcomed Conor Maher, Team Leader of the Woking Community First Responders to a Board meeting earlier this year to discuss his fresh and inspiring vision for the award-winning team of volunteers who are trained to respond to medical emergency calls through the 999 system, in conjunction with the Ambulance Service.


WCFR are based within the community of Woking, they are able to attend the scene of an emergency in a very short time, often within the first few minutes and ahead of the Ambulance. The First Responder can begin vital life-saving treatment, further increasing the patient’s chance of survival. Since its inception in 2009, the team has attended over 2,500 medical emergencies in Woking, including incidents such as cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes and seizures.


GCF first met Conor Maher at our Woking Volunteer of the year awards in 2015, where he received a Runner-up award in recognition of successfully resuscitating a Woking resident who had suffered a cardiac arrest. Conor is now one of WCFR’s most highly experienced First Responders, having given thousands of hours of voluntary service since he joined the team in 2014. He has attended hundreds of medical emergencies and is frequently recognised by the Ambulance Service for his commitment and abilities, especially during some highly challenging and distressing incidents he has been involved in.


GCF have since pledged a total of £4,600 to the WCFR.  This will be used to train and equip a new First Responder as well purchase two new state of the art defibrillators for the local community.  We hope to continue to help the team to further their exciting plans for the coming years.

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