GCF sponsor a new recruit for WCFR

Woking Community First responders (WCFR) received a £4,600 donation from Greenoak Community Focus (GCF) to train and equip a new First Responder as well purchase two new state of the art defibrillators for the Woking community.

WCFR are based within the community of Woking and are able to attend the scene of an emergency in a very short time, often within the first few minutes and ahead of an Ambulance. The First Responder can begin vital life-saving treatment, further increasing the patient’s chance of survival. Since its inception in 2009, the team has attended over 2,500 medical emergencies in Woking, including incidents such as cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes and seizures.

Their new recruit Sue McKeown, lives in Woodham and has been involved with the team since 2012 when she assisted with the execution of the Defibrillators for Schools Programme.  In 2018 she decided to apply to become a Community First Responder and following extensive training she passed her final assessments in December 2020, becoming qualified to attend emergency incidents as a solo First Responder. In her role as a Community First Responder she is already making a positive impact in the community, assisting Woking residents during what is often a frightening experience in their lives.

Sue says “What better voluntary role could there be than one that allows you to learn critical life saving skills and build your own confidence whilst helping people in times of urgent medical need in the local community.  Without the support of local businesses this work would not be possible so I would like to thank Greenoak Community Focus for their generous support”

Conor Maher, Woking CFR Team Leader says “The Greenoak Community Focus have been steadfast supporters of our team over many years and we are very grateful for their generous financial support. During these difficult times it is great morale boost to receive support from local businesses such as Greenoak. Their sponsorship of Sue has allowed us to increase our coverage in Woking, helping us to assist more residents who are in need”.

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