Cream teas for Greenoak HA residents

Greenoak Housing Association recognises that the past year and a half has been a difficult time due to coronavirus. Especially for many of it’s sheltered residents who have had to stay indoors for the majority of the period, and have been unable to socialise with each other or loved ones.
Following the recent easing of restrictions during the summer, the Association wanted to send a gesture to its 130 Woking based sheltered residents to lift their spirits and remind them that Greenoak were thinking of them and were committed to supporting them in the uncertain times ahead.
Staff from Greenoak visited its sheltered schemes and hand delivered cream tea hampers to each resident to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. These gifts were received with much appreciation, and staff were delighted to brighten their resident’s day with the surprise.

Though the staff endeavoured to deliver a hamper to every resident there were a few that were left over by the end of the week . These were not left to spoil and were donated to the homeless Charity York Road Project who were thrilled with the gift.
David Hall, Head of Housing said that ‘while Greenoak is aware of the challenges the coronavirus has presented to everyone in the country, it has been especially challenging for our older population, in particular those living in our schemes, who before covid has access to communal events and activities our schemes. We hope this small gift will be the restart of our communal actives from September.’

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